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Remembering Dr Anil Varshney (by Dr P K Mishra)

With the passing away of Dr Anil Varshney, THE SAINWINIANS have lost a major pillar of the organization. He was the guide, friend and philosopher combined in one. He was the main architect, engineer, supervisor and the labour of the gigantic monolith organization known as The Sainwinian. Whenver some Sainwinian had some work in Delhi, it was only Anil's address that came to our mind because we knew Anil would help by all means.

Anil Varshney joined the school in 1963 in class 5th and passed out in 1969. His Roll No. was 212 and he was in Satpura House. His father was a Range Officer in the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department and posted at Bakshwaha in Chhattarpur Distt. During the school days, Anil was different from others. I didn't have much intreaction with him as he was two years junior to me and I was in Narmada House. He was the House Captain / School Vice Captain and I think he played hockey very well. Anil topped the Madhya Pradesh Higher Secondary Board Exams in 1969.

Anil came to the school with Rakesh Arora and Ajay Singh sometime later after leaving the school and gave some suggestions to the then Principal Col. Deshpande which were quite appreciated. He joined the AIIMS in 1971 after leaving AFMC where he was badly ragged. He did his MBBS and MD Radiology courses from AIIMS and also obtained a Diploma in Radiology from Sweden. He went to Saudi Arabia as a Consultant in Radiology for sometime on contract.

On returning back to India he was working as a Part Time Radiologist with the Lal Pathology in Connaught Place. Later when he shifted to his present location in Sadhna Enclave, he established his own practice in the name of his daughter AAKRITI. He was one of the pioneers in the field of Sonography and he had a portable USG Machine which he used to carry in his car in a special box to various hospitals and nursing homes. Later he ventured in the field of Healthcare Consultancy in the name of AV Healthcare. He was acting as a healthcare consultant to various state governments, UNICEF etc.

The peak in this field came when he was selected to head the Belinda Gates Healthcare Foundation in Andhra Pradesh. He had shifted to Hyderabad and started working there and was in very good books of the then Chief Minisiter of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. He had invited me to join him there after quitting my Government Job and I was seriously considering the offer. However, as luck would have been Anil suffered a paralytic attack in Hyderabad and had to be shifted to Delhi.

The hard work had taken its toll and he had developed Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension, a very deadly combination in medical practice which if not managed properly leads to many complications which is what happened in Anil's case. He developed Chronic Renal Failure which ultimately led to his untimely death. Anil shifted to Malviya Nagar due to some renovation work in his Sadhna Enclave house and was practising there till his end, though he had shifted his residence back to Sadhna Enclave.

After leaving Sainik School Rewa, I met Anil in early eighties in Delhi where I had come to get my son's eyes checked at the AIIMS. During the course of our interaction, Anil floated the idea of organizing the Sainwinians at a common forum. He was the President of JDA in the AIIMS and he had the organizing skills required to run an organization.

Next year I went to Delhi with Mr Egbert and we met over dinner at Kuldip Kohli's place in Vikaspuri. Next day, the dinner was at Raman Mehta's place and lot of Sainwinians met each other and the organization "The Sainwinians" was conceived. Anil had strong organisational skills and he was a junooni who would never sit idle. He was full of innovative ideas which he fully utilized to put the organisation on strong footings specially financial. That's why he floated the idea of of Life Membership and giving preference to life members over ordinary ones.

He was very keen on having a Group Housing Society for the Sainwinians. He tried at NOIDA and Gurgaon but couldn't succeed for obvious reasons. Mr Egbert and Anil put in their everything to make the Sainwinians a great forum. Alas both of them are no more with us. Till his last, Anil kept himself involved in the Sainwinian affairs though his health was failing him. About six months back, he had sent some crockery/utensils for the Sainwa mess and he would regularly pursue the matter with Rewa Sainwinians till the delivery of the items to the mess.

Though he couldn't attend the Golden Jubilee get together of the school in Rewa, he was regularly in touch with the organizers and sponsored the breakfast at the Venkat Club in Rewa during the Golden Jubilee.

The write up can go on and on but the loss is irrepairable. I also have few copies of the 4 page magazines Anil used to send regularly regarding the Sainwinian activities. He was also a member of the Central Board of Film Censors for sometime.

May His soul rest in peace...

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